Financing Your New Home

September 27th, 2018
Unless you’ve won the lottery, played your lucky numbers at bingo, or robbed a bank, you’re going to need to borrow money to purchase your first home. There are few people who can afford to buy their home without the help of a mortgage. A mortgage is a loan from a lender for which you will use your new home as security. Your mortgage is essentially a contract that states if you fail to pay yo ...

5 Reasons to move to the Crowsnest Pass

August 8th, 2018

5 reasons to move to Crowsnest Pass


  1. Community.


The small mountain Municipality of Crowsnest Pass is located in a low mountain pass across the Continental Divide of the Canadian Rockies, on the Alberta-British Columbia border, with a population of less than 6000 people. Crowsnest Pass is the amalgamation of 5 small former communities: Bellevue, Hillcrest, Frank, Coleman and B ...

The happenings in Crowsnest Pass this summer

July 4th, 2018

Alberta’s summers are truly amazing. Maybe it’s the long wait, or the frigid cold winter temperatures or the teaser hot weather in April, but when July 1st hits, mountain towns in Alberta seem to be where Albertans flock. If you’ve been to Banff lately, you know how hectic it has become. Looking to break away from the crowds and get a more unique mountain town experience? Crowsnest is less th ...

Hiking in the Crowsnest Pass

June 14th, 2018

Hiking in Crowsnest Pass

Hop in the car, and head to Crowsnest Pass for the weekend to enjoy breathtaking mountain scenery, rustic downtown cores and a hiker's paradise. Only a short 2 hour drive from Calgary, Crowsnest Pass is the perfect location to get away from the busy city streets and find yourself at ease, breathing in the mountain air. Crowsnest Pass is a hiker's hidden gem, waitin ...

A Mountain Biker's Guide to the Crowsnest Pass

May 2nd, 2018

Bring on the THAW. As temperatures rise, the urge to get out on the dirt is becoming unbearable for some. After a snowy and tedious winter in the Pass, the United Riders of Crowsnest Pass members, among others, cannot wait for the 2018 riding season. Crowsnest Pass is home to over 80 KM of single track - now that is a lot of riding! If you have not been to Southern Alberta yet,  you are mis ...

Where to eat in Crowsnest Pass

April 16th, 2018

Where to eat in Crowsnest Pass 

One of the most exciting things about exploring a new area, is discovering the local dining scene. The ultimate goal is to stumble upon the best eateries, and eat like a 'local' , per se. Finding new places to eat should always be an important thing to do on the itinerary. Whether you are visiting the Crowsnest Pass for the day, weekend, or considering movin ...

Office's for Rent

May 12th, 2012

Mountain Bike Trails

May 12th, 2012

UROC- Mountain Bike Movie night. May 10th at the Orpheum Theater in Blairmore 6.30 pm. Drinks, Prizes, Memberships and a great movie!

April 18th, 2012